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Biology - insects adapt very well in "mother nature" (survivability) ...... use it!

Electronics - it's what our robot's internal organs are made of.

Aesthetics - the more beautiful your robot looks, the better they perform.

Mechanics - the partner of Aesthetics ...... it's about motor and leg orientation.

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June 2, 2016

Hello beamers! Hope all are fine! I've been thinking more ideas now but can't get some of the materials I need. I tried ordering to my sister in the US, hopefully it will arrive soon. Anyways, right now, I'm also getting busy with vaping, yes...VAPING...it's fun and I really enjoyed it. I've been into vaping world since last year of Dec. 15th 2015. And yes, I did quit smoking, sudden stop! What else, uhmmm, I'm also started to have some fun watching baseball on my cable TV. Just wanted to share below. Goodluck guys and keep on BEAMing! I'll be in touch!

Baseball History

Feb. 15, 2016

Hi! How's everyone doing? Hope you're all good! It's been a while now, since my last updates here. I'm still enjoying building simple beam bots though. Actually I have lots of new designs in mind. However, I'm pretty much busy too being an IT. I just like to share also my fascination in cars. Take care guys! I'll will post some pics of my new bots later on. Happy BEAMing!

The Corvette

Dec. 3, 2007

Man, it's been a while since my last BEAM bot creation. Well, I've been busy nowadays, working on my new job, being an IT (Information Technology). Yeah, in the office! And it's great actually. Anyways, I've uploaded some pictures or images of 2 of the coolest magazines. In it, two of my creations have been published. I just want to share this with you and 'hope you'll like it, especially the magazines itself. These magazines are the "Make Vol. 06" and the "Official PlayStation Magazine UK". And I would like to thank again to Mr. Gareth Branwyn (of Make magazine) and to Mr. Leon Hurley (of PlayStation magazine). Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it!

Ok, here's the link of the magazines, please take a look. Click here! Thanks and have fun!

Oct. 9, 2007

Just added more images and some video clips of my Hermit walker, right here! And the missing link of my other old bot -Freak bot, right here!

July 16, 2007

Here is another newly born creature, its name is "Mercury". Yes, the shiny silver chemical thingy or the first planet in our solar system that is the nearest to the light source......ehem, I mean the sun. Anyway, I now present you, Mercury! This way please.

July 1, 2007

Hello! As usual, I've made another bot. Very simple but entertaining! This is just my attempt in making the simplest and kinda smallest photovore. Well, it's not that good-looking though, but it's a great start for some beginners. It's also my own version of Dozer photovore. Right here!

June 2, 2007

Good day to all! Here is my newly made robot, the name is Thermo-Bot 1.0. Just click here to visit the site. Enjoy!

Mar. 14, 2007

Woah, it's been a long time since my last update here my friends! Anyways, here's my latest robot that I've built. Its name is Trooper, a scoutwalker 2 based...4-motor walker. Real small than the original. Yes, it's possible! Take a look at it here. Enjoy!

Sept. 22, 2006

Please check out my latest bot, named Rovore. It's right here.

Dec. 24, 2005

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Wishing you all the very best in life!

Yes sir, it's another 5-motor walker creation! It uses 5 micro servos, well... all I can say to this bot is, it's a cutee! Please check it out! Enjoy guys! Click here!

Dec. 6, 2005

Good news! Video clips of Bull Walker 1.0 were added, better take a look! click here!

Dec. 4, 2005

Another creation of mine comes alive! Bull Walker 1.0 was born. Check it out! click here!

Nov. 12, 2005

A video clip of Moon-Walker v2 was added. It shows how its dark-activated feature works, please check it out here!

Nov. 9, 2005

New pics were added to the pics section of Moon-Walker version 2, click here! Video clips are to be followed.

Nov. 8, 2005

Please check out the new version of "Moon-Walker", just click here! Enjoy!

I've also uploaded an old video clip of my lightstorm pummer here. The super-bright white and blue LED's were inserted inside the white crystal rock thing (I drilled 2 holes), that forms a cloud-like look. A cool display though, on top of your TV set!

Oct.30, 2005

I just uploaded 3 video clips of "Moon-Walker". Please check it out, enjoy! click here!

Oct. 28, 2005

Hi guys! Well, I just made another cool robot. It's a 2-motor walker, inspired from one of Mark Tilden's bots as seen on "Robots Rising" video (from Discovery Channel). I named this bot "Moon-Walker". It moves slowly, like walking on the moon. Anyway, just click the link below to go to its page. Enjoy! ;-)

Sept.. 17, 2005

Wow! It's been a long while fellow BEAmers! Yeah, I really miss this stuff...the BEAM world! ;-)

Well, there's nothing much on this update. I just placed a link on Black Vermin and Tank's schematic diagram. This is for those who e-mailed me a few days ago and to all BEAMers out there. Here it is guys! I hope it would help you out, 'coz these are the exact diagrams which I've used. I just played with some parts, namely the caps and resistor values to satisfy my taste. I've also made several kinds of leg shapes (really tough though!) and weight balancing. It was really "pure" hard work and patience. I'm not kiddin'!

Anyways, I'm planning to build a certain kind of walker and a photovore, but I don't know when and what. I just thought of making a Strider style bot or a smaller version of Black Vermin (just like the size of Walkman). Well, I've been busy with many things especially with my family for quite some time. But right now, I'm craving to make more interesting robotic creatures...let's just wait and see! Wish me luck! ;-)

Just click any link below. Have fun guys!

If you have any questions or anything regarding my work, please e-mail me or make a topic in Yahoo BEAM group, I'll be there anytime. Thanks and happy BEAMing! Goodluck and best regards to all !!!

Dec. 12, 2004

I have made another page for you guys (just to share with). It was all about Tank's earliest designs and how I made it, with tons of pics and some old video clips too.

Please check it out for more! Click here !

Dec. 11, 2004

More on Tank's video clips (added), please check it out!

Dec. 10, 2004

Updates on Tank's page! 2 video clips were just added and more detailed pics on its tactile sensors. Please check it out!

Dec. 7, 2004

Ok, here's another creation of mine. Please go to this page. Enjoy and 'hope you like it! :-)

Nov. 18, 2004

The Strider project was cancelled, sorry guys :-). Well, the servos I bought were not suitable for this type of bot because of its speed (RPM), etc. Instead, we could use servos in many walkers or even in wheeled robots. I could make a Strider-style bot if I could get those motors which Strider used...where the hell I can get those anyway (especially in my country)? But right now, I'm on something else, and it's gonna be cool.

Oct. 20, 2004

First of all, I would like to thank you all, for visiting this site! :-) Well, I've been busy working with some important matters here at home. But now, I've finished working with "Strider's" schematics and plans. YES, I'll make my own version of "Strider". I'm just prepairing the budget for the servos and hopefully... to buy all the things needed. So, it will take a while for me to do the Strider project. Of course, with pics and cool videos to be seen. Don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted especially in Yahoo BEAM Group. See you later fellow BEAMers! ;-) ---Keep soldering!

Oct. 11, 2004 (a.m.)

Please Click Here for my 2 Cybug bots.

Oct. 10, 2004 (p.m.)

Yes, another cool robot is coming your way...in this site! Stay tuned guys. :-)

Oct. 10, 2004 (a.m.)

Yet, another video clip of Black Vermin 1.1 was made; showing its strong and accurate "phototaxis" (just like the real Walkman). Just Click Here for the video (under Video Clips section). By the way, here's the definition of "phototaxis":

Pho`to`tax´is - The influence of light on the movements of low organisms, as various infusorians, the zoöspores of certain algae, etc.; also, the tendency to follow definite directions of motion or assume definite positions under such influence. If the migration is toward the source of light, it is termed "positive phototaxis"; if away from the light, it's called "negative phototaxis".

There were 2 videos added: the 1st one was, just backing up without any obstruction to its eyes (like my hand); the 2nd was, I placed my hand in front of one of its eyes and it started to back-up and turn at the same time. This way, it can avoid and get away from a certain corner or tight situation. Like Mark Tilden's Walkman in the lecture (video), he demonstrated Walkman using its "phototaxis" capabilities. Walkman's super bright red eyes (LED's) bounced on Tilden's palm and received by another sensor, which is known as the photodiode, that makes it phototropic.

Anyway, Black Vermin doesn't use super bright red LED's anymore as its eyes. Because, if he uses that, his "phototaxis" capability is less effective or not so useful, compared on the red LED's. Which turns out to back-up only, not back-up and turn. Honestly, it backs up and a little turn at the same time when I place my hand or palm in front of it's eye, but my hand needs to be so close (almost touching the eye) before it uses its "phototaxis" behavior.

Ok, here's my technique (my design)... Black Vermin 1.1 uses 2 Infrared LED's, instead of 2 super bright red LED's. Another thing I did was, I removed the old photdiodes and replaced it with 2 super sensitive ones (from a dead VHS player). So, it has 2 pairs of IR Proximity Sensors, as we call it. This clever design is very effective and efficient. I just got this idea because, the red LED's doesn't work well enough on my bot, so I tried some experimentations using different colors of LED's like white, blue, yellow and green, but still no luck. But when I tested an IR LED, using my TV's remote, PRESTO!!! It works perfectly! :-)

Well, I've said enough, hehe. I hope you'll like this another video on how Black Vermin uses its "phototaxis" behavior. I'll see guys again later. Keep visiting here ok? Goodluck and happy BEAMing! ;-)

Oct. 8, 2004

There are 4 videos added on Black Vermin 1.1 page, Click Here. In the video clips, you'll see that this machine does a little "crabwalk" behavior, when the front right tactile sensor was bumped. You'll also see this bot, walking over a desktop keyboard and away it goes; and the last video was, its hind leg escaped in a small plastic food container - yes, it's another "leg stuck" video (quite impossible to think than a roll of tape. These are very neat to watch! So please download all the videos if you can, it's worth it! ;-)

Black Vermin 1.1 can do lots of interesting task too, just like Walkman. Survivability and good adaptation to its environment is not an easy thing to do in any robot or machine.....but hey ...............................................................it is POSSIBLE! Just keep the faith in you.

I just hope you like Black Vermin's videos. Just send me any comments, suggestions or questions about this robot anytime. Thanks for visiting and goodluck in your BEAM stuffs. Cheers everyone! ;-)

Oct. 5, 2004

I've added 2 video clips of Black Vermin 1.1. It's about getting stuck at the corner of two walls, just Click Here. Actually, it's a Part One and Part Two of it. Sorry, I have no large memory capacity for my digicam (that's why) and sorry about the file size. But it's worth downloading it. :-)

While BV backs-up, it also turns at the same time. In the videos, you'll notice BV backs-up a little and turns, making its way out of the corner (wall). I guess I have to replace the reverse timing capacitor for the reverser, so it backs-up a little longer. Hmmm....that would be done later on. But this time, I'm contented with it. BV 1.1 showed its adaptive behavior successfully! So, go ahead and download the videos, it's really cool to watch though. Please send any comments. Keep BEAMing guys!!! ;-)

Oct. 4, 2004

You'll see some new and latest pics of Black Vermin 1.1 under the "Pics" section, just Click Here !!! Can you spot the difference? ;-)

Sept. 29, 2004

The page you've been waiting for... Black Vermin 1.1 is up! Click Here

Sept. 28, 2004

Black Vermin 1.1 was born last night (finished!)...alive and kickin'! So stay tuned for more of this bot...... I'm just prepairing its videos and pics. ;-)

Sept. 23, 2004

Making a better Tactile Sensor:
Click Here

Sept. 20, 2004

A short story on...what happened to Black Vermin 1.0:
Click Here

Sept. 14, 2004

New!!! Black Vermin 1.1 ...coming soon!

Black Vermin's new and improved PCB:
Click Here

Sept. 10, 2004

Black Vermin's Top Cover:
Click Here

Sept. 2, 2004

I've used Mark Tilden's hand-drawn schematic and from Costa Rica's VBUG info site as my references. I modified and carefully analyzed it, in order for my robot to work properly and effectively. Some minor changes have also been made in the modified schematic; so if you have any questions, just let me know.

...more to come eventually!



This is my first attempt in making a 5-motor walker. As you can see, it almost looked like Mark Tilden's famous VBUG 1.5 Walkman . That's right, Walkman is my favorite robot on Tilden's designs. Walkman is also my greatest inspiration in building Black Vermin 1.0.

Black Vermin 1.0 was built using metal structures. I've used large paper clips (straightened as possible), solid copper wires and any sort of thin and light metal sheets. It's not that heavy, but it does have a strong construction. The top black cover is from a part of a VHS tape (the thing that is movable or bendable). It was cut according to Walkman's image. And as you notice, standard hobby servos were used, instead of ESCAP gear motors. Honestly, it's all I got here. :-)

About its sensors, YES...it's all functioning well. I've made a sample of a short video clip showing its phototropic behavior. I've also used ballpen springs for each leg as leg stops or for centering. Those springs were mounted in an appropriate position, so the angle of each leg swings back to its normal positon and will not rotate too far. Terminal blocks were used on each leg and were screwed tight enough so it won't change the angle of the legs as it walks whatsoever. The waist motor does the lifting motion. It doesn't need to have a spring for "stops", but in some of the early pics of my bot, you'll see that I've used it but it's now removed; for stronger lifting power. Springs are also used to have a smooth motion for your bot or life-like movements (mostly used for legs).

Mr. Ray Diaz was also the part of this project. He helped me in many ways, concerning its functions and some features. I always kept him posted in all the things that Black Vermin does. But before I forget, his Crab was also one of the reason why I built a 5-motor walker. But then, here it is...Black Vermin 1.0 was born. I've also watched Crab's and Walkman's videos; to learn their behaviors and so on. Yes, I carefully watched them and took me a month and a half and almost don't sleep at all just to complete this amazing machine. The result is this! I just hope everyone will like my "Walkman" style robot. And by the way, anyone is welcome to ask or e-mail me regarding this machine. I'll be glad to help you as soon as I can. :-)

--- Video Clips ---

Here are some video clips of BV 1.0 and a LightStorm Pummer

(without sounds - sorry for the file size)

Going towards the Flashlight 5.39MB

Avoiding an Obstacle in its Path 6.35MB

Reversing 5.82MB

Blinking Red Eyes 4.04MB

Lightstorm Pummer 1.90MB

--- PICS ---

Newest pics of Black Vermin 1.0 (click any image to enlarge):

--- My other BEAM creations ---

(click any image to enlarge)

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And the guy, who taught me a lot...Mr. Ray Diaz....thanx man!
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Very cool robot insects!
The Cybug's place.

You can E-mail me with your questions and comments anytime!

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Special thanks to: Solarbotics for giving me this web space, Mr. Mark Tilden and his drawings, Mr. Ray Diaz and his site, CostaRica BEAM site, Cybug's site and to all the visitors who comes here! Fellow BEAMers, keep BEAMing and goodluck! :-)

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