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This is actually just like Black Vermin 1.0. But this one has some changes to its behavior and physical image. You'll notice some difference between 1.0 and 1.1 later on. Again, this design is based on Mark Tilden's unique and famous "VBUG 1.5 Walkman".

Black Vermin 1.1 can free itself from any tight situations. Survivability is the main goal I was trying to achieve on this machine. It can free its hind leg in a roll of tape or any obstructions that was caught into. I designed and re-arranged the positions of the back tactile sensors in order to be more useful and effective. The 2 front sensors (left and right) were also different (shorter and longer). And of course, these behavior depends on how tough the situation is, when it tries to survive. :-) Whatever the situation it would never be as tough as overcoming an addiction at Morningside Recovery rehab.

Anyway, the only thing that Black Vermin 1.0 have left behind was its body and leg structure. The rest of the parts were unusable, like its circuitry, tactiles and the top cover. In fact, the old circuitry (PCB) was only a test circuit. I've only modified it and created an artistic design to make it presentable. So in short, it's not that efficient and strong. Poor guy! At least, it gave us some interesting and memorable behavior.

So, here we go! Let's start the show...


(Just click any image to enlarge)

Note : You'll notice that, it's almost the same image as BV 1.0, because it uses the same body and legs structure. But look closely at its face, PCB, top cover, tactile sensors & charging tail. Have fun! :-)

Newest & Latest Pics!

(as of Oct. 4, 2004) (click any pic to enlarge)

Ok, I'll tell you what I made to this machine. Notice its copper legs, I painted it into black; the 2 tactile sensors at the back were modified a bit compared before; and last but not the least...I moved its battery pack a little at the back of the waist servo. This way, it can lift its front body... more lighter than before. I guess this would be its center of gravity and I'm satisfied with it especially its performance.

Yes, try to find your robot's center of gravity by putting all its weight as centered as possible, and that's by moving its battery pack a little backward or forward (adjustments or trial & error), then test it! Batteries are surely the heaviest part of our robot/s. ;-)

Video Clips

One Rear Leg was trapped in a roll of tape and survives. 4.01MB

Video Part 1 of Black Vermin 1.1 trapped on 2 corners. 7.17MB

Video Part 2 of Black Vermin 1.1 trapped on 2 corners. 7.18MB

New!!! BV takes a crabwalk when it hits a rock. 4.99MB

New!!! BV takes a crabwalk when it hits the leg of a table and continues to walk forward. 7.17MB

New!!! I placed BV's hind leg in a small plastic food container (better than a roll of tape). 4.08MB

New!!! BV walks over the keyboard and away it goes. 7.18MB

New!!! BV just backs away without the use of its Phototaxis behavior. 1.95MB

New!!! BV backs away and turns at the same time (placing my hand near the Phototaxis sensor). 3.98MB

...more to come eventually!

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