This is how I make the top cover for my robot .

Just click on any picture to enlarge.

Step 1: Get any VHS tape (black color is prefered).

Step 2: Unscrew all the screws at the back of the VHS tape and carefully remove the top part.

Step 3: Measure and cut it very carefully according to your desire. I've used Walkman's design, as you can see. :-)

Step 4: Now, the PCB you're going to use, should be cut something like this (this is something like Walkman's)...


Step 5: Just to show you how will look like... when you mount the top cover on the PCB...

*Notice that the PCB is longer than the cover. The extra space will be for mounting the charger socket and a slide switch (SPDT).*


Any questions? You know what to do.......E-mail me!!!


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