Just a Short Story behind Black Vermin 1.0's Accident

The memory remains...

*** Aug. 28, 2004 - Sept. 8, 2004 ***

While I was working with this bot...like charging its batteries, made the final touch and prepared my digicam for his video shoots and pics...I was so excited to put it up on the site.

I usually don't have a shirt on, while working on my projects like this one, because it's hot in my place (working area) maybe because of the soldering stuff...hehe! My shirt was always hanged on my right shoulder. But now, I never do that (most of the time) and I always put my shirt on when working.

Ok...when this bot sits on my working table while charging its batteries, I was quite tired and needed to stretch for a while and stood up and walked to go outside to get some fresh air. What do you think happened next?

What happened was......one of Black Vermin 1.0's tactile antennas hooked on my shirt (I didn't noticed that!)......and it fell off the table......smashed on the floor sooooo bad......and bent some metal structures including it's antennas!!! How careless I am!!! And I felt soooo bad and disappointed after what happened. A good friend of mine said that, maybe it committed suicide, hahaha! You know what? Everything's so good, perfect, finalized, cleaned, etc., etc......and after all, it just didn't work at all after a bad fall. Well, it was an accident. But damn! <:-(

Yes, it didn't worked or functioned well at that time (kinda hopeless). I guess its circuitry just broke or something. The PCB it used by the way was small and compact (compressed). It also have so much wirings inderneath it. And maybe, some solder joints/points (whatever you call it) doesn't have a good contact anymore whatsoever. But at least, its body and legs were still in good shape. Only some minor fracture or injuries on his body structure...hehehe!

So now, I'm rebuilding "him". Everything's under development and observation. It works on the very first try. Actually, he's doing great! It uses the same circuitry but different in PCB shape or design. It's all improved and modified a bit. It can crawl over an obstacle especially when one of its rear legs got stuck into something. Very effective and efficient. I'll make some videos of it later on. Anyway, I'll name him "Black Vermin 1.1". I'll also put up a page on it with lots of pics and some good videos. I can't hardly wait too! :-)

Well, I've learned a valuable lesson from it. Never...ever...hang a shirt on your shoulder when you're near on your robot, especially when it has tactile sensors and sits on the edge of the table. Bad idea! :-)

Ok, I'll just end up here for now. So please wait for the newly born robot named......Black Vermin 1.1, only here...on this site.

Have fun guys!

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