How to make a better Tactile Sensor for your Robot:

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First of all, I came up with this design because sometimes, I can't dab a solder on the spring well, eventhough the spring is solderable (is my term right?). And also, when the tactile wire was soldered on the spring, it looks kinda messy or something like that. I want to make it more professional when making sensors like this one. So, here it is...a simple, effective, omni-directional and a much better design. Here we go.........

1. The materials...

2. Insert the heat-shrink tubings on the 2 solid wires and heat it as shown below. The 2 rods (with heat-shrink tubings) should be well-fitted inside the spring.

........remember to leave a space on the solid copper wire (this will be the contact point).

3. Make sure it's well-aligned and double-check everything you've made.

4. Now, put a glue (quick drying glue) on the 2 rods (around the surface of the heat-shrink tubing) to be inserted in the spring. This way, the rods will not rotate or move.

5. Let the glue dries up. Then...presto! You have a neat tactile sensor for your robot. No need to solder whatsoever, just a dab of quick drying glue and some heat-shrink tubing...and you're done!

6. Testing...

Here's a sample drawing to see the contacts inside the spring:

Some tips:

Goodluck and keep BEAMing!!!

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