6-motor 2-legged crawler

"testing only"

It's alive!!!

Freaky Walker video 1 or Freaky Walker video 2

Warning! 41 MB

Just click the above link to view the clip. Or, right-click it and select "save target as" and save it to your hard-drive. Most computers should be able to play the videos with ease. Some media players will let you stream the downloaded videos to various devices as well as game systems so they can be viewed on a television.

(Let me know if you can't watch or download any of the above link, ok?)

This is just a sample test of the bot, crawling. This is only my curiosity of how this bot can move with joints using 6 servos all in all and just a microcore as the controller. It can't move forward perfectly yet, but the feet should be angled or bent accordingly, to achieve proper forward motion. By the way, I'm not that serious about this bot. This may or will be dissected later on. I just want to share it with you guys and to let you know, that a single microcore circuit, using all 6 Nv's can do such an interesting behavior for the bot, as always! Cool isn't it? Cheers everyone! ;-)

P.S.  This kind of bot (when perfectly built) can  reverse, turn left and right. It can also be phototropic or photophobic. And so much more! But I'm too lazy for now to do that. Maybe...some other time...we'll see!


This bot was  already dissected yesterday. The motors will be used for my future bots. Poor creature!

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