...another 5-motor walker!

"the smaller the bot, the better it looks"


Yes, I know guys, I've made "again" another Walkman-style bot. Not so surprising, but this is what I really love to build.........ever since! ;-)

This is my newest and latest robotic creature, named Hermit. Hermit is a 5-motor walker (Walkman based circuitry), and was again inspired from Mark Tilden's unique design, named VBug Walkman 1.5. This little bot can do all the behavior that Walkman does. The coolest part (for me) of this bot is that, it can do the "crabwalk" steps, when either left or right tactile is hit. You'll see the video clips later on. Another thing is, this bot was carefully designed and constructed, and it's compact and lowered. I guess this is much smaller/shorter than the real Walkman. Don't you think?

Anyway, I hope you'll like this little bot and all the contents on this page. I'll just see you guys in the BEAM group anytime ok? Take care guys and have fun! Enjoy the rest of the page!

Specs, materials and features:

Overall dimensions:

PCB dimensions:

Any robot builder knows it takes creativity to construct a robot from materials like tin cans and guitar strings. These parts are great for robots but would be useless to the builders or contractors found on Home Advisor Reviews. You would never see customers write in their reviews on the Home Advisor Reviews website that pieces of tin cans or guitar strings were used to build or repair their home!



Using a multi/universal battery charger

(usually used for mobile phone batteries)

2 terminal leads as seen inside the battery clip (+ & - contacts).

I placed a barrel plug with a long wire, screwed on the + & - terminals of the charger.

Newer images added!

Schematic Diagram

The only difference in this schematic is, I've used 74AC240 chip instead of 74**241. You can see some minor changes in the waist motor driver circuit. Both me and a friend of mine (Ralph Ca�as) thought about this and there it goes, it worked!

And also, just add another photodiode on the left side, just like on the right side of the motor driver. Experiment with different resistor values for Nv's 1, 2, 3 & 4 on the 18-pin IC socket.


Video Clips

(sorry for the video quality and the file size)


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