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It's a 2-motor walker robot, inspired from one of Mark Tilden's bots...



Moon-Walker is a 2-motor walker that moves very slow. This bot uses 2 geared motors that I found in our old oven and the other was from a remote controlled volume control from an old stereo component. With this kind of gear motor, you'll see a potentiometer attached to a gear (worm gear) that makes the shaft. This potentiometer shaft is an aluminum, which means, you can't solder from it (see some pics later on, to show you how I did). Aside from the above mentioned, you'll have to lock the gear from the shaft of the potentiometer...to the other gear beside it, to become steady or still. Otherwise, the shaft will just turn continously and it won't be that strong enough for lifting. I haven't got the chance to take some pics regarding this explanations, 'coz I thought I might not be able to finish this bot, but i did. Maybe later on, I'll show you some pics inside this gearbox. So, if you're familiar with this neat gear motor, grab it now, hehe!

This bot is mostly metal contructed. I've used large paper clips, solid copper wires, guitar strings, etc. Although it's a metal contsruction, this bot is still light (not heavy). The legs were symmentrically aligned and balanced, for proper walking (lift and fall). Anyway, I'll just add more pics to the pics section below (even video clips if possible), as much as I can. I hope you enjoy this site and please come back anytime and hit F5 or refresh to view the latest update (if any). I'll see you later fellow BEAMers! Happy BEAMing!!! ;-)


Circuits used:

Gear motors used:

Power supply used:

Legs used:


Future improvements:



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Before it was done...

(sorry for the blurred images)

...more to come!


Video Clips

(right click on the file then choose "save target as", to save in your hard drive)

Walks forward 1.94 MB

Backs-up after hitting an object 2.01 MB

Walks on my table 2.41 MB


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