Tank's Earliest Pics


Here, you'll see Tank's former designs. I've also included some pics on how Tank was made. I also did lots (a month) of pure trial & errors, almost without sleeping. Zzzzzzz...

Anyway, as my time went by, building this creature, it changes it's walking steps (gait) by leg adjustments and playing with the resistor values (the one with IC pin sockets). I've also re-design its legs by following what's on Tilden's Unibug 2.0 walker. More cutting, stretching, sqeezing, bending, whatsoever, were done to Tank's solid copper legs. You'll also see here some old video clips, from a large and slow step... to a short and quick one.

Our robots we build, especially on walkers, takes a while for a good success; as well as Tank and my other robots like Black Vermin. Just be very patient and document all your work, and hopefully...everything will be fine. Goodluck to all! :)

Ok, so here we go......


(Just click any image to enlarge)

Early Video Clips

Long and slow steps.

Short and quick steps.

Reverse and turn.

A sample test of walking with light-seeking head.


That would be all for now... 'til next time guys!

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